Couture: Glow

Funnily enough, all the ink boxes have the same printed instructions no matter what kind of ink is in the box.  And I have two kinds of ink: Regular and “SuperCover”.  And the latter apparently works better with a coarser silk (i.e., lower monofilament nylon thread count).

Image drawn by Jaime Hernandez

This one is printed with the same thread count I’ve been using all the time, and it’s a”glow” yellow, and it seems to print just fine.  Perhaps it would have been more opaque if I had the right silk, though?  I should try that, as soon as I find somebody that sells the right kind of monofilament.

My squeegee technique is improving, though.  Practice makes slightly less worse.

Hm…   On the one hand, “Each range includes 8 “Glow” fluorescent colours “.  On the other hand, “GLOW COLOURS – Its important to note that Glow only refers to a bright colour tone Glow colours do not ‘glow in the dark’.”

OK, so it’s fluorescent, but it doesn’t glow in the dark.  Check.


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