Useful Consumer Review

I thought that getting an EyeFi card for my camera would make blogging easier.  I mean, just snap a picture, and then it’s transferred to your computer automatically?  Result!

But the range of the wifi in the EyeFi card is pitiful. You have to leave the camera less than a couple of meters from the access point to have it discover the wireless network.

That’s not the worst bit, though.  If you snap a picture with the camera elsewhere, it’ll try to create its own ad-hoc network.  And then … it apparently tries to connect to it?  Or something?  This is what the screen says:

DSC00704And the only way to make it connect to the real network is to switch the camera off and then on again, and then take another picture, and then it’ll try to reconnect to the real network.

Man, that’s pitiful.  It would be faster to yank the card and put in into an SD-to-USB card manually.

Like an animal.

In conclusion: EyeFi sucks.

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