Couture: Hanawalt

New gear time: I got an emulsion coating trough:


It’s a lot easier to apply the emulsion evenly with the trough than trying to use a squeegee, although I got a bit messy at first.

But look at that dapper gentleman by Lisa Hanawalt, who made the funniest comic book of 2013. Just look at him!

DSC01710I’m printing it in reverse — that is, I’m printing the white background, and using the black fabric for the lines.  It always makes my brain all hurty trying to figure out whether to print the transparencies in reverse or not.  “I’m printing on a dark fabric, so I’m printing the light bits, so what’s dark should be transparent, since that’s where the paint is going through, so on the screen what’s black should be, right, I think I’ll go shopping for new shirts instead”.

But this one got the right way around on the first try.

Something weird happened when printing, though:

The linework looks good, but the edged are all smudged.  Either I didn’t press hard enough, or some emulsion leaked into the printing area…  Hm…  perhaps I didn’t hose the scum off the back of the screen sufficiently?

Gah.  So I could either start from scratch…  or I could apply masking tape.

DSC01714And print with silver ink!

DSC01716Better, but it’s still not perfect.  I may not be pressing down the squeegee hard enough.  Should I do one final attempt?  Red on grey:


Now there’s too much ink! Oh, well.

Perfection is overrated anyway.


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