Couture: Jimbo

On the previous screens, I got a bit too much emulsion wash-off.  Yesterday I experimented with increasing the exposure time, thinking that if it washed off, it can’t have been exposed enough?  But instead the un-exposed areas were very difficult to wash clear, and the exposed bits washed off, anyway, since I spent so much time hosing it down.

So today I went the other way: I decreased the exposure time.

DSC01733And what do you know!  The unexposed bits washed off straight away, and the exposed bits stayed put.

DSC01727Note to self, this is apparently the magical exposure: 2x 150W light bulbs, 35 centimeters distance, 35 minutes.

(The image is from an early Raw issue: A Jimbo story I can’t recall the title of by Gary Panter.)

Bonus Jack Survives:

DSC01728It’s really difficult lining up different parts of the print without one of those hinge thingies.  I should get one of those…

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