Couture: Target

For this screen printing experiment, I’m coating the 32TW screen with three layers of emulsion, and drying for three hours.  Would that affect how much emulsion is washed off?

DSC01725Not really.  I still got excessive wash-off at the bottom there…  Hm…  Perhaps my main problem is the exposure stage.  Perhaps it’s not even enough? Perhaps I need a bigger lamp…

I printed anyway after gaffaing off the problem areas.  Glow pink on marine:

DSC01726Kinda nice.

(That’s Tony Target by Mark Beyer.  (I’m fortunate enough to have several of his paintings on mah walls.  And more prints.))

3 thoughts on “Couture: Target”

  1. Woah. I found this blog by googling one of the FFs you reviewed, but ended up clicking through some of your tags and I fucking love Mark Beyer. (I have an Amy+Jordan trading card!)
    Did you end up screenprinting any more of his stuff?

    1. No, I’ve only screenprinted this one Beyer shirt, but if I start fooling around with screenprinting again (one of these years), that’s something I would pursue. The only problem is that he rarely draws things that are suitable for printing on black t-shirts, which is what I prefer…

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