Couture: Caro Again

I found this scan from last year that I hadn’t used yet.  It’s by Caro, and (again) it’s from an early issue of Raw Magazine.


Hey! Another perfect exposure! I seem to have cracked the code, at least on smaller screens.  For larger screens, I’m still getting uneven exposures and wash-off at the edges…

DSC01880Yay.  Good print.  Now what can I do to experiment…  Hm…  Hey, I bought some fluorescent paint today:

DSC01881Eurhm.  That doesn’t really work as a single layer.  It needs to have a white layer underneath it…  Hm…  Perhaps I could try to do a registered print?  This is a pretty small image, so perhaps it’ll work…

Nope.  After applying a white layer and then curing it, the shirt shrinks like half a centimeter.  So doing registered prints has to be done before curing the first layer, perhaps?

Instead I did a very-off-register print with a second, red layer:


(Notice how the red is off by half a cm at the left edge and a cm at the right edge.)

That’s kinda a thing.  Hm.


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