Couture: Squeegee Success

I finally got the correct squeegee for screenprinting onto fabric:

IMG_5516It has rounded edges instead of the square ones used when printing onto paper.  So I made yet another attempt with the screen I made weeks ago.


IMG_5521It takes a few attempts to get comfortable with the squeegee, but I did a few trial runs “dry” to try to control the pressure better, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The squeegee itself is kinda badly made, though.  As you can see, this Speedball squeegee is just a rubber ting stuck badly into a piece of wood.

IMG_5520The ink gets trapped inside the wedge there, which makes it impossible to wash completely.  The wood is very porous, too, which makes the ink stick to it like crazy.

I think I’ll try to find a better one.  The first one I bought (for paper printing) is perfect in that regard, and feels very solid.

Now I just have to make a new screen with a larger image, which is why I needed an A3 printer in the first place.

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