Couture: Fury

I thought it might be fun to try to do overlapping prints, so I chose an image from Mark Newgarden’s “Love’s Savage Fury”.

I knew I was using the wrong tool to apply the photo-sensitive emulsion to the screen:

DSC01775It got all thick and bubbly and … wrong.

I wanted to do some smaller prints on the front of the shirt and then one large print on the back:

DSC01776That went quite well…  Hm…  I wonder what’ll happen if I print it in gold (I got new paints yesterday) on grey…

DSC01777Oops.  It went all inverse.  Colours are difficult.

OK, let’s try doing the overlapping colour prints.

DSC01780 DSC01781 DSC01782

Oh! My! Emacs!

The Nancy imagery is just too powerful.  I try to just find one perfect print for each of the comics I choose, but I have to do more variations, I think.  The difficulty here is that I have to print these in “dark” colours on “light” t-shirts to avoid having them read as inverted.

Hm…  Perhaps I could get some very light grey t-shirts?  I don’t really like white t-shirts.

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