Couture: Fury Duplicate

This one went well until I got to the black layer:

DSC01783I forgot to clean the squeegee after the gold layer, so the black one got a bit muddled.  Which isn’t a good thing if you’re doing this kind of print. If it isn’t crisp it looks like a mistake.  Which it is.

I usually wash the screen between each printing, which takes a lot of time.  I wanted to see what happened if I used the same, unwashed screen several times…

DSC01860Well, that’s not what I expected!  It’s weird how the paint-on-paint stuff almost goes inverse.

The other effect was perhaps more to be expected.  When I moved the screen, without cleaning it, it picked up quite a lot of ink which it then deposited — looking rather like dirt.

But I like the idea.  I have to print more of this Mark Newgarden image taken from “Love’s Savage Fury” and see what happens.  I should get some light, but not white, shirts to print on…

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