Couture: Jack Again

I did a Jerry Moriarty t-shirt last week, but then I went through the transparencies I printed last summer and found another one.  So I had to do another print.

DSC01778For this shirt, I did without any pins or anything to line up the different bits of the print.  (The bar vs the rest of the image, basically.)  And using a really bright light to illuminate the screen, I got things lined up better than ever in this white and gold on blue print.  Whee!

Since most of my metallic prints go all wrong (due to insufficient curing or over-curing) I wanted to do another variation…  Er…  red and silver on blue?

DSC01779Yeah, OK.  That’ll have to do.

(This is a panel from the Jack Survives one shot by Raw Magazine by Jerry Moriarty, who is a guy that should have done a whole lot more comics.)

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