Couture: Transparent

While waiting for the screen printing equipment to arrive, I’ve been experimenting a bit more with Inkodye.  Because of reasons.

Here’s an extreme close-up of a shirt exposed with a “normal” over-head projector (OHP) transparency:

IMG_5487The white area with pebbled red spots is supposed to be totally white, but because the OHP transparency is so “pebbly”, there’s tons of tiny white holes where it’s supposed to be totally black.  And the result is pretty bad.

But then I got “digital negative” transparencies.  These are for sale only in photo speciality stores, and are more expensive.  But the result is a lot better:

IMG_5488No pebbling, so no orange spots where it’s supposed to be totally white.  I did screw up the print, anyway, because the shirt bunched up a bit.


One of these days I’m going to make an Inkodye shirt that looks almost usable.  Although how usable a white t-shirt is…


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