Couture: Dye Once

Even though the screen wasn’t exposed well, I thought I could make an attempt to print something, just to see how that goes.

IMG_5439I put a backing board into the shirt to have firm to print onto.  And then I put the shirt onto a frame to raise it from the floor, because I’m printing the screen from the wrong side, since I exposed the wrong side.  Genius.

IMG_5440The ink is a lot firmer than I thought it would be.  It just a glob of … stuff.  I start wiping the squeegee all over the screen anyway.

IMG_5441Disaster.  I pressed the paint through unevenly, and I think the backing board (in addition) wasn’t solid enough, so they kinda fade away.

IMG_5442Oh, well.  Time to wash the screen and the squeegee.  The paint is water soluble, fortunately, so that’s easy enough.

I think I’ll give this screen one more try, but squeegee things just once with a more even coat and see how that goes.  But I think I have to make a new screen to get better results.


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