1995: The Zanzibar Cat

I’m not a fan of short story collections, but I’m a fan of a number of authors who write one short story collection after another, so I read them anyway.

But that explains why this book went unread.  I really like Joanna Russ.  She’s very funny and she’s quite angry, which makes for an enjoyable reading experience.

This collection has lots of funny bits, and lots of very sf-ey bits, and I enjoyed it immensely. I read it (as I do most short story collections) while travelling, and the mixture of storytelling approaches fits that situation perfectly.

As with any other book that I like, after finishing it, I went online to buy other books by the same author that I hadn’t read yet.  (This is why the backlog grows.) 

Not only have I read all her books, but she died last year.


Anyway, I bought this paperback used.  I like used books with marks from previous owners.  Like this:

I don’t leave any marks in my book myself, though.

Rating: Terrifilicious.

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