Storage Cubed

I wanted more storage for comics, but I just couldn’t find anything that really fit the only vacant wall space I had in the office.  So I bought 21 of these small Ikea bookshelf box things.  In November.

And today I finally completed the project by making one of the boxes into a computer…  cabinet…

_1310200 _1310201 _1310205 _1310206

These boxes aren’t very…  solid…  So honeycomb.

_1310202  _1310208

That looks totally safe, doesn’t it?  Sure.


Pimping the space where I hung the monitor…


My main concern was that it would look totally like a storage cabinet, and…  it… kinda doesn’t?

But it’s an office, after all.  Sort of.


Oh, this is what the contents look like.  I was a bit worried that the wall would just collapse.  The wall is apparently a 2cm thick particle board (or similar), and then 3cm insulation, and then brick.  Drilling all the way into the brick wasn’t practical, so all these cubes are just screwed right into the particle board.  (There’s no support from the floor; they’re all hanging.)

But it hasn’t collapsed yet, so I guess it’s not going to.

2 thoughts on “Storage Cubed”

    1. Yeah, they’re 5 kg each (empty) and probably two to three times as much full of comics.

      The doors are push-to-open. The only thing I didn’t like about these cubes is that the push-to-open mechanism takes up almost 2cm of otherwise-usable space. I’m considering moving the mechanism to the top of the cubes, but I’m not sure that would work as well…

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