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Thank you for that very helpful “ALTO UP OBEN” sticker, Nemo — as you can see from the diagram, the arrow is pointing to the left side of the lamp, so it’s 95 degrees off… (And the other label being upside down is just perfection.)

Oh, hi! Welcome to my brand new Interior Design Blog!

Or rather — a couple weeks ago, I had to drill some walls here (it’s old brick building from around the turn of the previous century — hard stuff), and I was so fed up with my old hammer drill: It had a cord! “*gasp*”, I hear you say. “The ignominy!” But, you know, for small projects, finding a darn place to plug that darn cord in is half the job…

So I finally bought a BOSCH HAMMER DRILL UNIVERSAL 18V (they shout a lot on web sites for tools and stuff — I guess they get hard of hearing after usiNG A HAMMER DRILL FOR A WHILE oops caps lock). So I had to find something to use it for so that I could test that it worked, and I thought “well, my closet is kind of dark” so I bought a lamp.

And… my first attempt was maximally unlucky — I hit the edge of a brick, I think, so the drill veered upwards and went into the mortar. Which you can’t fasten anything in. I should have stopped at the first hole, but I was nonplussed at first, and thought that perhaps I could use these holes after all. Nope.

(I know that studfinders exist — so that you can find a place to screw on wooden walls — but do brickfinders exist? That would have been handy here, where you have non-exposed brick…)

So I drilled two new holes right below them, so the old holes are hidden by the lamp. This time I hit pay dirt. Or bricks. Probably bricks, because the dust was red. And man, can that drill drill — it chewed up those bricks like *snap*.

(If the next owner of this apt wonders why there’s a double set of holes in that wall and googled — now they know.)

And un-pro tip: Last time I drilled into bricks in this apt, I spent way too much time to clean up afterwards, because that red dust is really, really fine and is almost impossible to get rid of once it hits something like plastics. It just (sort of) melts into the soft plastics. So this time I used a towel! And now I find out whether the washing machine manages to clean the towel! I don’t have high hopes! I shouldn’t have used a white towel! Am I out of my exclamation mark quota!? I AM!?!

Behold! I mean… er… I guess you can’t really see the lamp at all. But it’s blue! I swear!

OK, if I hold another lamp up to it, you can almost see that it’s blue. Perhaps I should have gotten the red one instead of the blue one…

Anyway! That’s my tip for the day! Buy a cordless drill!

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  1. You need an assistant holding the vacuum directly under the drill. Or maybe do some MacGyver with power tape if you lack the assistant.

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