The Carpenters

Fancy Machine!

A few months ago I bought some new shelves to get my shoes organisized.  The shoes were all jumbled up in my closet.

Today, after the mandatory procrastinating period I found myself actually awake on a Saturday morning.  So today is the day!

Then I spent an hour looking for the saws that I last saw a few years ago.  Nope. Didn’t find them.

Wimpy Saw!

But I found that fancy machine instead.  And then I couldn’t find the blades to the machine.

But I found a wimpy saw instead, so I used that.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s difficult to get straight cuts with a wimpy saw.

Anyway.  I made do.  Look at the fantastic results!

Fancy Angle Shoes!

I just cut the narrow shelves in the middle there, mind you.  And, as you can see, I mis-measured.  I forgot to take subtract the 2cm per shelf. Which turned out tp be a good thing!  Otherwise the shoes wouldn’t have fit.


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