The End of an Ear

I moved to a bigger apartment like five years ago.  “Hey!  Finally I can have access to all my precious belongings!  Preciouses!!!”

But time passes, and I tend to accrue more precious belongings, so I have to start putting stuff down into the basement storage room thingie.

And I settled on the CDs.  Since I rip everything to flac, I don’t really use the physical copies much.  Only when I want to stare at the booklet.

CDs tightly packed into Ikea drawers

There were rather more CDs than I had imagined, because I’d packed them really tight.

DSC01039 DSC01041

Which meant a lot of boxes.

Now I just have to carry 300kg (that’s about 9000 square pounds in Imperials, I think) down five floors.

Oy, my back.

One thought on “The End of an Ear”

  1. Even before I ripped the CD’s to flac, I was removing the jewel cases and putting the CD plus booklet into binders. A fairly large collection is now 2 large binders in a bookcase. I don’t bother ordering the CD’s, but sometimes people browse them.

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