Funny Looking Chocolate Not Actually Amusing

Look!  Exciting!

As a rule of thumb, chocolate that looks all fancified often isn’t very good.  (There are a number of exceptions to this rule.)

But this one looked too intriguing for me to pass up.  As you can see, it’s blueberries and lingonberries suspended in white chocolate.  I was wondering how they did that.

And the second picture shows how: They’ve freeze-dried the berries, giving them the approximate texture of crumbly styrofoam.  And the approximate taste of styrofoam, too.  All that remains is a hint of bitterness.

The white chocolate itself isn’t particularly good, either.

Coloured Styrofoam or Freeze-Dried Berries?

I’m now slightly nauseous, and am throwing away the rest of this awful product from Emil Gustavs Chocolates.

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