The Liquorice Diaries

It has been suggested that the new Hockeypucker candy is simply a way to eat Hockeypulver without looking like a moran.

I, on the other hand, maintain that Hockeypucker is nothing more than a new name for Lakrisal, and tastes nothing like Hockeypulver.

So for today’s experiment, I ground up both these and compared them to the powder.  It’s a zero-blind experiment, since I’m all post-positivist and stuff.


Grind Grind

Getting there…


Grind grind grind

Pucker, Lakrisal and Pulver

Lakrisal is a lot harder than Pucker.  I had to grind and grind and grind, and it still didn’t get very smooth.

The Pulver, on the other hand, is super-duper smooth.  Soo smooth.

Yum yum

All the three taste quite different, though.  Pulver has a pure salmiak flavour, with a bit of liquorice.  Lakrisal tastes a lot more liquoricish.  And Pucker tastes a lot less salmiak and liquorice than either of the other two.


 Pulver is the winner.  The other two are just pitiful in comparison.

So, in summary:  There’s no way to get satisfaction without looking like a moran.

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