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I still haven’t finished with all the email, so I have to keep beering it up.

Eww!  One for the sink.
Golden-coloured beer with a big fresh fruity citrus nose and taste. Refreshing hoppy finish. Perfect for a Spring day.

Hm.  Why is the focus now to the left of the viewfinder?

Nice golden peachy color. Pours a small white head with large bubbles. Sweet hops and hints of apples nosewise. A hoppy flavour too.

I ran out of beer glasses.

Nose is very fresh hops, lots of C character and minor notes of amarillo. Taste is reasonably clean, caramel malts and citrus. Pretty big body on this one.

Wine glasses seem to hold liquid, too.

Nose is sour apricot, minerals and champagne vinegar. Medium light, a touch oily, with dull carb. Taste is white wine, horse blanket and lime.

Hm…   /tmp on just ran full…

Pale straw in color, this beer has a classic nose of cat’s pee accompanied by some iris notes. Light bodied, with good acidity for food, it delivers floral flavors.

I think I’ve done all the emails now.

I noticed that the bokeh of the beer seemed unusually nice when I was making some head shots of a guy.

 All done except the TV.

The rigid body shell and relatively stiff suspension mean that the beer behaves well.

 Bed time.

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