A&R1987: Ms. Tree’s 1950’s Three-Dimensional Crime

Ms. Tree’s 1950’s Three-Dimensional Crime (1987) #1 by Nick Alascia, Pete Morisi, Ray Zone and others

OK, I’m up for some 3D Ms. Tree stories… sure…

Oops. That didn’t turn out so good.

But instead of that, Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty explain that they just don’t have the time to do a special, so instead we’re getting reprints of Johnny Dynamite (which they had bought the rights for to use as padding I mean back up strips in Ms. Tree).

I don’t want to go all technical on you, dead reader, but Johnny Dynamite (to use a technical term) “sucks”. It’s unreadable pap. Even as 50s crime comics go. And repurposing old comics for 3D usually doesn’t work well — comics made for 3D have a lot less problems with threedeeisating the eye (sorry again for being technical), so we have here the (tech. term alert) “double suckitude”.

Let’s drop the red filter…

There’s two Johnny Dynamite stories here, and I can’t really tell you what happened in them, because I lost interest after a couple pages. The artwork’s not that bad, though.

The Secret Agent story has even more rough charm in the artwork, but again I didn’t really find the story very interesting. The 3D-ification here works better, but it’s nothing spectacular.

And then we have a whole gallery of Ray Zone-processed old Ms. Tree covers.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? The small comic book swindle.

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