Horticultural Mysteries

My home office has devolved to a storage room over the past few years (I don’t use it much after I started just sitting on a couch with my laptop on my er lap), so I haven’t really paid any attention to what’s going on with the plants there either (beyond watering them once a week).

But now I’ve tidied up the home office.

The neglect really seems to have been good for this plant, which I’m seeing properly again after removing a tall stack of boxes. It’s a succulent called er Ceropegia woodii. These plants have always died on me when I had them before, but this must be like five years old now?

But this is the mysterious thing:

All these vines and leaves basically originate in these *counts* 10 vines that actually have contact with the soil and the root system. All the water and the nutrients to the entire system are delivered through those handfuls of thin, thin vines.

Ain’t that special?

Now that I’ve uncovered the plant I’m probably gonna kill it, I guess.

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