A decade ago I decided to buy lots of plants.

I don’t know what this is…

I’d always had a couple of plants, but they’d always die on me.  Since I’m basically enthusiasm-driven, I realized that the only way I’d ever be able to have any non-dead plants on my windows was to buy lots and lots of them, and force myself to pay attention.  If something falls below my enthusiasm radar, it just doesn’t get done at all.
So I got like a hundred plants or something.  When I get enthusiastic, I get…  obsessed.

This has to be a crassula
This can’t be anything but a bromeliad
Citrus.  Of some kind.
This is definitely an aloe
That’s a myrta
Uhm…  schiffer?  Schifferia?
What are these called?  Haworthia?  Or something?
This is probably something

I’ve cut back a bit since then, and plants still die.  I travel quite a bit, and any plants that don’t survive without water for a week or two suffer.  So I have to replenish the windows sills once in a while.
These are my new recruits.

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