WFC Djibouti: Men in the Arena

Was this what 45 was thinking of?

Yes! Djibouti!

This is more of an American/Somali film than a Djibouti (that’s a word), but there is some Djiboutian (that’s a word) interest… because of the… football…

It’s about a football team.

I mean, I’m not the right person to say whether a football documentary is a good one or not, but I found this very engaging. I almost laughed, I almost cried…

Men in the Arena. J.R. Biersmith. 2017. Djibouti.

Retoxed Detox Tea

  • green tea
  • mint tea
  • ginger
  • lemongrass
  • rum

Grate the ginger, brew with all ingredients except the rum. Allow to chill and then pour into an ice-filled glass. Add rum to taste.

(I added the rum to the recipe.)

I think it’s the mint that ruins this drink.

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