WFC Benin: Africa Paradis

“avec toi”

I found this sci-fi film on Youtube. It didn’t have English subtitles, but I noticed that Youtube now provides “auto-captioning” for select films. In addition, they also have machine translations of these captions, so I went for it.

I think the conclusion, after rolling on the floor, laughing, for an hour and a half, is that I probably don’t want to sit in a Google Self Drive Car any time soon.

I don’t know French, but I can probably guess that “Pour Afrique… les Africains” (modulo speeling and word order) doesn’t mean “nene” (and I quote in full) in English.

That might just be my overly sceptical nature. I’m sure Google’s Deep Learning AI will take over any day now.

So what’s the film about?

It’s… I think… About… the future… And some French people seeking asylum in Benin? Where mysterious things are going on?

I’m just guessing. I did enjoy watching this, trying to piece together what was going on from the few French words I know and the ahem translation. Even if it was more befuddling than enlightening.

Chapman 1 part cassis 3 parts orange soda 3 parts lemon/lime soda a few drops of bitters some lime slices some orange slices gin to taste Put all ingredients into an ice-filled glass and stir lightly.

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