WFC Mauritius: La rencontre

This is a stylishly shot but rather trivial short about … I guess, insanity and drugs (tl;ds: Don’t Do Drugs). It’s kinda fun, although it goes out of its way to explain all the mysteries it sets up in way too much detail.

And it’s not on Youtube, but on Viddsee (sic), which sounds totally legitimate. I couldn’t convince mplayer to play it, so I had to watch it on my Android tablet. And it’s way artifacty.

The Encounter. Jon Rabaud. 2015. Mauritius.

Mango Rum

  • 2 parts triple sec
  • 5 parts dark rum
  • 5 parts cold water
  • 10 parts mango

Run all the ingredients through a blender. Pour into an ice-filled glass.

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