WFC Costa Rica: Del amor y otros demonios

I was unable to find this on DVD or via any of the streaming services with English subtitles, so I had to resort to *ahem* crowd-sourcing. The aspect ratio is slightly off, but I couldn’t figure out how to de-squash-o-vision it, so everybody look kinda skinny.

This is a very languid film. Which is something that I usually enjoy watching, but for some reason I didn’t connect with the film at all. I have no idea why: The actors are fine, the cinematography is good, and it’s based on a Gabriel Garcia Marques novel. Should be great, huh?

So it might just be me, but:

Of Love and Other Demons. Hilda Hidalgo. 2009. Costa Rica.


  • 1 part Amaretto
  • 1 part Amarullo
  • 1 part Kahlua
  • cream
  • sugar

Whip the cream with sugar. Shake the first three ingredients with ice. Pour into a tall class. Top with the whipped cream.

(The original recipe has Bailey’s instead of Amarullo, but I seemed to have run out of Bailey’s.

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