I added some further improvements to my Javascript-based “quick scan” Diamonds Previews catalogue site: Goshenite.The main tweaks is to make it a bit more responsive (with a spinner when the cover images haven’t been preloaded), as well as a way to “favourite” certain publishers.

If you click a publisher name (up to the left), it’ll become green, and all comics from that publisher will be displayed, no matter what the selection settings are.

These publishers will also be sorted first when you visit the site.  So if you’re massively interested in Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics, and mildly interested in everything else, you’d favourite those two, and leave the selection settings to “First Issues” only.  That way you can just use the Right key to go through the catalogue quickly: First all the comics from the publishers you are interested in, and then the first issues from all the rest.

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