WFC Poland: Ida

The DVD is interlaced (i.e., half vertical resolution). Which is weird for a film this short. They kept the length down to one layer. Probably saved a fraction of a cent.

Oh, the film! It’s about Poland and jews and WWII and stuff. It’s good. I adore the “Wanda” character. She’s so blunt. On a mission.


I said “nooo!” out loud.

Ida. Pawel Pawlikowski. 2013. Poland.


  • 1 part Żubrówka
  • 2 parts apple juice

The Żubrówka is a flavoured vodka (Polish bison grass vodka (is there Bison in Poland?)).

That’s very good ideed. The flavours of the fresh apple juice with the weird Bison grass vodka… It reminds me of something… I’m not sure what… It’s a kinda nostalgic flavour, but I’m not sure it a nostalgia for something I’ve ever experienced myself.

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