WFC Gabon: Sick Birds Die Easy

Oops. This film isn’t really Gabonese. It’s an American… er… documentary? about some druggies going to Gabon to do some ibogaine (a hallucinogen).

Or is it?

It starts off pretty convincingly as a documentary, and then it goes all Blair Witch. Those bits are really entertaining (and seem extremely scripted), but then it… kinda peters out? And turns back into a documentary?

It’s a very strange way of making a film, but there are parts here that are exciting and long stretches where it’s just annoying.

(And Ross sounds just like Brace on Gigolos.)

Hm… let’s bing… Oh! It was meant to be a scripted Blair Witch ripoff, but then things didn’t work out.

That makes sense. Even if perhaps that’s all also just a joke? I don’t know. It was enjoyable to watch, anyway, even if it’s not completely successful. I think.


Sick Birds Die Easy. Nicholas Fackler. 2013. Gabon.

Drunken Virgin Mojito Apple

Fresh mint
Cane sugar
Apple juice

Muddle the lemon and the sugar. Add the mint and muddle lightly. Add
apple juice and rum and shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with some slices of lemon.

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