WFC Iraq: Curse of Mesopotamia

Man, modern life is complicated.

I was going to watch this on my big Ipad, but it turns out that you can’t screenshot this film there, even though the previous film let itself be screenshot. So I had to scramble (since the cocktail was already made) and watched the film on my 10″ Android tablet. (Where screenshotting was not a problem.) (Yes, this makes sense.)

I’m not doing that again, so I have to find a way to … er… do something. An external HDMI screenshotting box? A larger android tablet? Android->HDMI? Is that I thing? Research is needed.

DVDs were so much simpler than newfangled media!

And then there’s the film.

Oh, deer.

This turns out to be more of a low-budget American film than an Iraqi film. I mean, aesthetically and actor in the acting dept. (It’s filmed in Iraq and Jordan, allegedly, but it’s difficult to tell one window-less room in Jordan from a window-less room in Miami. And there are so many scenes in window-less rooms.)

For some reason, American lo-bu films are way more amateurish than, well, anything else in the world. I have no idea why: There’s more of a divide between the pros and the ams in the US than in most places?

The dialogue is physically painful in places, in fact. Literally! But it’s not without a certain charm.

Curse of Mesopotamia. Lauand Omar. 2015. Iraq.

Kubbeh Libre

  • 2 parts pomelo juice
  • 1 part arak

Combine over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with some sprigs of mint.

I used raki instead of arak, because it’s about the same number of characters.

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  1. My Nexus 10 Android tablet has an micro HDMI connector which works fine for connecting to HDMI on, say, a projector.
    Only annoying thing is that VLC for Android doesn’t seem to have playlists, so I have to get up to start the next video. Like an animal.

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