WFC Kiribati: Kiribati: Words from the Last Generation

This documentary is on Youtube. The story it tells is heartbreaking, but it’s edited in that American TV Documentary fashion where there’s not a millisecond of time of silence to digest between each sound bite.

While that may be a sound commercial choice for a documentary seeking to get people to take action (against climate change), it really gets on my tits. Sorry!

But when they just allow the kids to talk to the camera without the frantic editing and insistent sound track, it’s really good.

Kiribati: Words from the Last Generation. Aurora Brachman & Bradley King . 2017. Kiribati.

Kiribati Samoan Poi (Mashed Bananas with Coconut Cream)

  • a ripe banana
  • some coconut cream
  • sugar to taste
  • a dash of vanilla sugar
  • some zest of a lemon
  • some rum
  • crushed ice

Run through a blender.

I adapted this recipe slightly from the original (which was just mashed in a bowl) by adding more liquids (especially the rum) and running through a blender. So instead of a dessert it’s now a cocktail.

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