Punk Comix Index

When I started this blog series half a year ago, I wanted to have a look at the comics from the “Raw generation” or whatever you want to call them. There seemed to be a quite particular aesthetic in comics happening in the early 80s, mostly in New York, mostly among younger comics artists, that incorporated impulses from punk, art and literature, and it all crystallised into something almost like a coherent movement, before dissipating after a handful of years.

I had meant to focus on the books that I saw as being part of this aesthetic, but it was too tempting to continue reading all the artists involved, even after they’d stopped working in these idioms (as well as covering comics that seemed “adjacent” to what I’m talking about).

So the blog series ballooned from a planned 70 posts to about 180 posts.

This index lists, more or less, the books that I’d originally planned on covering, and there’ll be further index posts in the coming days that focuses more on particular artists and formats.

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This blog post is part of the Punk Comix series.

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