PX79: Work and Turn

Work and Turn by Art Spiegelman (75x82mm)

This curious little book (and it’s very small — 7.5x8cm) was presumably printed by Mouly and Spiegelman on their own press?

It’s got one panel per page, but only on the right-hand page…

I think it’s about sex and dancing? Some of the pages repeat…

… like this one…

… and then repeat again, but in this blurred way, with apparently a second off-register-on-purpose grey ink?

It’s puzzling, but it’s enjoyable.

The back cover … explains…

Oh! Was the innards of this entire book printed on a single sheet of paper, perhaps? On both sides? Carefully arranged to end up with an every-other-page little booklet?

This excerpt from Art Spiegelman: Conversations confirms that they printed this themselves on their press.

That’s the only mention I can find of the book, though, except things like this:

Work and Turn is a Tijuana bible as rendered by Picasso, all tumbling cubist shapes.

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