PX03: Panter Versus Beyer

Panter Versus Beyer by Gary Panter and Mark Beyer (322x465mm)

I guess you could call this a portfolio? It’s got four folded sheets of paper in a slightly larger cover/folder.

Each sheet of paper is printed on both sides — usually with two separate images on the “outer” side…

… and one larger image on the “inner” side of the sheet.

Half of the sheets are by Mark Beyer…

… and half are by Gary Panter.

I thought that perhaps these were screenprinted, but fondling the pages more closely, it doesn’t really feel that way. So … just conventionally offset printed? It doesn’t really look like that way, either.

This says it’s silkscreen:

printed entirely in col. silkscreen in 100 numb. copies

But it’s a limited edition of 100 copies?

The thing is, I have no recollection of how I came to buy this er portfolio.

And even more confusing:

I seem to have a whole bunch of these images on the wall in my office — but they are not from this portfolio, obviously. I mean, they can’t be on the wall and the same time be here in this portfolio. But they also seem to be printed on a different kind of paper, and they have not been folded.

But they are in exactly the same size and configuration as the portfolio, so… CBO Editions published them as both a limited edition portfolio, and also (unfolded) as posters? And I bought them both?

I’m all confused.

Anyway, looks awesome.

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