I’ve recently been watching mostly old movies, so I thought it was about time for a complete turn-around: What’s going on in movies today?

And the freshest movies available (outside movie theatres) are on Netflix: In particular the “Netflix Originals”. Some of these have a brief limited theatrical release, but arrive on the screens pretty soon after that.

So I thought it would be fun to watch all movies released by Netflix in 2019 and see whether they’re any good.

I’m not quite sure what a “Netflix Original” is: Some of them seem to be produced by Netflix directly (i.e., Netflix supplied the money for making the movies), and some are picked up for exclusive distribution by Netflix.

In any case, last year there was about 80 of these, and it looks like we’re getting a similar number this year: There’s been about 30 released so far. So it’s not going to be too strenuous to watch all these movies, but I’m starting late, and I’ll have to catch up to watch the rest of them in real time.

And I’ll be blogging as usual, although this required some new hardware.


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