NFLX2019 January 18th: IO

Futura! Brave choice!

This guy eats a tomato for the first time in forever and has a foodgasm, which reminds me of this Sheri Tepper novel I read many years ago: It’s set in a future where there is no nature, and on a game show, a family wins the right to eat the very last radish on Earth. They spit it out and say “ewww! Nasty!”

Which seems a whole lot more realistic than this is.

IO. Jonathan Helpert. 2019. ☆☆★★★★

Yay! Sci-fi! Mah favourite!

Hm… this seems like it has a very modest budget? It’s about a woman left on a devastated Earth looking at insects while talking to people who’ve gone on to Io over a radio.

Us SF fans will watch anything… So this is the second US “Netflix Original”, and I may be prematurely seeing patterns here: Spend as little money as possible on movies that ticks some check box in some of the viewers’ heads? “It’s like The Martian, but on Earth.”

Has Netflix written a Markov Chain I mean an RNN AI I mean a Markov Chain to write movie scripts? I can’t remember watching a more predictable movie than this… except the Netflix movie I watched just before this one.

Margaret Qualley has to carry the movie, and she’s good. Anthony Mackie’s thing doesn’t really work. Brooding and mysterious just seems stupid in these circumstances.

It’s mostly just kinda, and I hate to use hate speech: Boring.

And it’s full of stupidity, from micro-actions to the shocking reveals that everybody has figured out three seconds after the movie started.

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