NFLX2019 September 13th: Tall Girl

Tall Girl. Nzingha Stewart. 2019. ☆☆★★★★

There haven’t been many Netflix Original movies the past few months. I’ve kinda missed watching horrible, horrible movies.

This doesn’t really look that bad. It’s a high school comedy where the main concept is that it’s embarrassing to be a tall girl. I can relate. I’m tall, girl.

So I was just idly wondering “if this is such a big deal, why doesn’t she just move to Norway” and the next second a (tall) exchange student from Sweden walks in.

So close!

And so is this movie, really. It’s got all the required set pieces: The nerds, the Heathers, the movie parodies, the wipe cuts, the album scratches, and the over-the-top characters.

But it just doesn’t have funny enough jokes, and the pacing is way too slow. Instead of a totally super-zany makeover scene (it always works in these movies), you have them dragging down the paces by having the makeoveree (that a word) saying stuff like “thanks mom… but… it’s just not… me…”.

Edit! Edit!

I think there’s a salvageable movie in here.

Sabrina Carpenter steals every scene she’s in: It’s like she’s in the version of this movie that’s how it’s supposed to be, and the rest are in a much duller film.

It’s frustrating watching this. At least when a movie totally sucks, you can enjoy hating it.

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