NFLX2019 February 22nd: Firebrand

Awesome beard.

Firebrand. Aruna Raje. 2019. ☆☆★★★★

I never thought I’d say these words but:

*phew* Finally it’s another Indian movie!

This is a somewhat strange movie. It combines the aesthetics of a lighthearted drama with a rather distressing storyline about PTSD after rape.

This is a movie that seems to have avoided attention by the interwebs. It’s got 5.3/10 from 115 votes on imdb, which you’d think is minuscule for a movie on Netflix. I guess Netflix bought it to die in obscurity? Netflix’ strategy is still somewhat obscure to me.

I like the court proceedings, but nobody else does. I think the performances are OK… and the court stuff is interesting. The psychology stuff isn’t.

In any case, I’m afraid I have to agree with the entire Internet: This isn’t a very good movie. But it’s likeable, except for the Fraudian analysis bits.

The ending of this movie is… er… original…

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