NFLX2019 November 8th: Earthquake Bird

Earthquake Bird. Wash Westmoreland. 2019. ☆☆☆★★★

Man, this is a mess. I was totally on board thinking this was a really interesting movie, where ever shot had a deeper meaning. We were all “oh, this means she can see dead people! No, she’s a vampire! No, she’s dead!” but calm down: There’s no Shyamalaning going on here:

The resolution to this movie is the most boring possible thing and will make you go “really? really!? Because that’s not a twist!”


But I loved the colours here. The actors are great and it’s all very very pretty. Was this sponsored by the Japanese tourist board or something?

So in conclusion: It’s a very stupid movie that pretends that it’s smart, and that’s not ultimately fun to watch.

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