NFLX2019 February 22nd: Paddleton

Paddleton. Alex Lehmann. 2019. ☆☆☆★★★

Uhm. Ray Romano. He’s, like, somebody I don’t like a lot.

I didn’t even recognise him before I read imdb. Well, to be honest, I still don’t recognise him after reading imdb.

This is a movie extruded to satisfy the urges of the same audience as this? It’s even got a road trip.

This is a lot better, though. It’s got cinematography and everything.

It starts off pretty promising: Gloomy, dreary and depressing. But when they set off for the road trip, the soundtrack starts up underscoring every single emotional beat. It’s so annoying.

And there’s more sit-com schtick as it progresses and they go for embarrassment humour, which is something else I don’t like a lot.

There are good scenes throughout, but the overall thing is a bit on the annoying side once it gets going… And eyeballing this that’s the opposite reaction to everybody else who’s seen the movie, so I know I’m right.

Perhaps they’re just going by that scene, which makes any criticism seem churlish.

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