NFLX2019 November 8th: Let It Snow

Let It Snow. Luke Snellin. 2019. ☆☆☆☆★★

My prejudices immediately told me that this was going to be a horrible teen comedy thing. But it’s not! It’s a fun teen comedy thing.

The actors are charming (it’s an ensemble thing) and the interlocking plots (FSVO plot) are all kinda interesting (and intersects in interesting ways) and there’s a handful of lines that made me laugh out loud. And there’s nothing annoying here: Not even the soundtrack.

It’s just like a total delight. I mean, it’s not the best movie ever or anything, but it’s just fun.

Oh, I should get the furniture in from the balconies…

Anyway, I’m just 30 minutes in, and I do so hope that there’s not going to be a third act with All The Drama. But I’m not holding my breath.

[time passes]

OK, I took the furniture in while er watching the movie.

Wow! The weeds that totally took over the planter are still green! That stuff is indomitable.

[more time passes]

Yeah, like clockwork, The Dreaded Third Act rolls in, bringing all the drama that we didn’t miss from the first two parts. Why do filmmakers do this?

I subtract two stars for the final thirty minutes.

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