NFLX2019 December 31st: Dead Kids

Dead Kids. Mikhail Red. 2019. ☆☆★★★★★

Huh. A Filipino movie? That’s definitely a first in this year of Netflix Originals.

It’s… a bit amateurish. The actors are pretty likeable, but take that scene in the bar where they’re arguing about going to a night club: There wasn’t anything much wrong about any single line, but it just didn’t seem to have much rhythm. As if they were desperately trying to remember what the next line was instead of reacting to what’s happening.

It’s interesting, though. It’s not immediately obvious what it’s going to be about, and it’s got intriguingly vague divisions between fantasy and reality. And it’s shot really well.

But it’s just boring. And it’s hard to sympathise that much with the heist itself. I have to admit that I lost track of the plot halfway through because I lost interest in the movie.

This post is part of the NFLX2019 blog series.

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