NFLX2019 March 22nd: The Dirt

The Dirt. Jeff Tremaine. 2019. ☆☆★★★★

This doesn’t start off well, but once it gets going there’s one funny scene after another. It’s not even the most OUTRAGEOUS scenes that are funniest — there’s like the scene where they dump the blond guitarist. Ramsay Bolton totally deadpans his way through it, and that drummer guy who beats up his girlfriends is ditzily pretending to look the other way and it just kinda works.

I don’t care about these people and I don’t like their music. Perhaps that even helps enjoying this movie? I especially appreciate the “on stage” scenes — they convey what must have made their fans adore them.

The movie kinda collapses when they get into the serious interpersonal stuff, and the car crash stuff is beyond offensive, and then we go into snooze-town with the heroin scenes.

Wasn’t this movie supposed to be one funny anecdote after another? I feel let down, because less than a third of the movie is that, and the rest is like Snoozetown Drama. If they’d edited this down to just the funny scenes, I’d have given it a ☆☆☆☆☆☆, but the boring bits are really really boring.

The script for this movie was kicked around between studios for a decade before Netflix picked it up and made it happen, which seems to be a recurring theme.

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