NFLX2019 August 30th: Back to School

Back to School. Remy Four, Julien War. 2019. ☆☆☆☆★★

Hey, it’s a French comedy!

As is often the case with Netflix movies, it’s got a classic plot: Two nerds going to a school reunion. These things usually suck, and… it’s not that bad? There’s hi-jinx and mistaken identities and all that kind of stuff. It’s basically jocks v. nerds.

There’s a bunch of scenes that are super-embarrassing, but many don’t quite go the way you expect, which is nice.

It’s a bit creepy, though, with one of the protagonists using the mistaken identity to apparently try to have sex with an old crush. But that sub-plot is exploded pretty quickly to it doesn’t get too “eek”, I guess.

The final twist (which I think you have to be brain-dead not to see coming) will probably piss some people off.

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