A Carpenter Winter

I had planned on re-watching all of Ingmar Bergman’s films starting about right now (we all need cheering up when winter arrives, right?), but the Bergman box set has had its release pushed back two week, so I’m here without any Bergman movies to watch.

So I got all of John Carpenter’s films instead, because that seemed like the most obvious substitution to me.

Join me for a trip back to the fun but scary 70s and 80s!

I’m not really a Carpenter fan: Out of his entire oevre, I think there’s perhaps two films of his that I can remember being impressed with at the time (beyond the “oh, cool” factor): The Thing and They Live.  But perhaps I’m less of a snotty snob now than I was as a teenager, and Carpenter is awesome now?

To accompany these films, I’ll be drinking beer I bought on my recent holiday to Germany and The Netherlands.

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