ACW2006: Pro-Life

John Carpenter. Pro-Life. 2006.

This is the other Carpenter episode from the Masters of Horror Showtime TV series.

It’s a lot, er, more TV-ey than the Cigarette Burns episode, but it’s still way grislier than there’s any point in being. I had to skip past some of the scenes. But I’m a wimp.

The way people are reacting to the proceedings isn’t very sensible, but the some of the actors are pretty good here (especially Ron Perelman as the rabid pro-lifer and gun enthusiast).

The plot is a pre-cell phone plot, so at every point you’re kinda going “but why don’t they call the police?”

It’s still kinda exciting even if the low budget is really apparent here. The soundtrack (by Carpenter’s son?) is annoying.

I did like the ending, though.

This post is part of the A Carpenter Winter series.

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