ACW1993: Body Bags

John Carpenter. Body Bags. 1993.

After the horrible (but high-budgeted) Memories of an Invisible Man, Carpenter retreated to TV (Showtime) and made this fun anthology horror show. He directed two of the bits himself (and acted as the “Crypt Keeper” like host for the show) and left the third for Tobe Hooper.

This is the first non-2.35:1 Carpenter film I’ve seen since forever. He’s really hung up of that very wide screen wide format, but this one is only 16:9. I guess you have to make concessions for TV. But it still looks great and luxe, like Carpenter’s films always do, no matter what the budget is.

It’s scary! And it looks like the filmmakers had a hoot while making it.

I love the look of the Gas Station segment: It has a very “filmed at night” look instead of the usual “day for night” thing you often see.

I think this may be one of Carpenter’s best flims. It’s just so breezy, fun, snappy and unforced.

(The bluray I bought didn’t arrive in time for this screening, so I pirated it from teh torrenzt.)

Tobe Hooper’s bit is the weakest one by far. It’s more dramaey than hootey, and it kinda drags.

I threw the die based on the Carpenter parts only.

This post is part of the A Carpenter Winter series.

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