June 1942: Mrs. Miniver

This movie won all the Oscars. So I approached this with some scepticism.

But it’s irresistibly charming. The actors playing the Minivers are absolutely wonderful, but there are some variable performances otherwise. The plot’s not quite what I expected, either…

Still, I don’t think this is quite as good as Wyler’s previous movie The Little Foxes. It’s still plenty great and very touching.

Mrs. Miniver. William Wyler. 1942.

Popular movies in June 1942 according to IMDB:

119777.6Mrs. Miniver
2486.9The Foreman Went to France
5466.7The Big Shot
2146.6The Affairs of Martha
2796.5The Night Has Eyes
2616.4Maisie Gets Her Man
4505.8They All Kissed the Bride

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4 thoughts on “June 1942: Mrs. Miniver”

  1. Hey Lars, I am a total fan of your writings, but I cannot understand why you fail to mention that this great classic movie was the winner of SIX OSCARS including Best Picture! Your comic book blogs succeed in that you discuss the content with photo examples as you progress through the comic book. But in this movie series, we are presented with a sequence of still shots which do not give any real sense of the unfolding story. Possibly could work with a few video clips along the way, but as is this is pretty dry stuff.
    ps. Do all you banker types just read comics and watch movies?
    pps. Did you know that the collective noun for bankers is a wunch? (rofl)

      1. Indeed you did! And how I missed it is a mystery, possibly in my haste at scrolling down and spotting a hint of movement in the planes flying overhead. In recompense I shall watch The Room all the way through and hope that my eyes don’t bleed.

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