August 1941: The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes. William Wyler. 1941.

*gasp* Bette Davis!

She’s magnificent here, but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

This is a film set in the somewhat oldee south, but I wonder whether it’s a conscious political decision to have a black person in just about every scene (mostly as servants, of course). It makes a huge change from these other movies I’ve been watching today, which probably had… like… almost zero? zero? black actors in them.

Director William Wyler was a pinko commie, except the pinko and commie parts, of course.

This is kinda brilliant. Wonderful performances, interesting intrigue and on-point cinematography.

It was nominated for all the Oscars this year and won none, which is appropriate for something as good as this.

Popular movies in August 1941 according to IMDB:

sc-tt0033836.jpg78298.2The Little Foxes
sc-tt0033712.jpg45977.7Here Comes Mr. Jordan
sc-tt0033723.jpg26517.6Hold That Ghost
sc-tt0033458.jpg9847.5Charlie Chan in Rio
sc-tt0034241.jpg10427.3Sun Valley Serenade
sc-tt0033428.jpg4877.2Bowery Blitzkrieg
sc-tt0034389.jpg6486.9Whistling in the Dark
sc-tt0033553.jpg67676.9Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
sc-tt0033832.jpg5566.8Life Begins for Andy Hardy

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